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Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross price in Bangladesh 2021

So without further ado I’m going to the in-depth review and Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross price in Bangladesh 2021

Eclipse Cross is Mitsubishi’s offering in the C-segment SUV market.  The car is being produced in Japan, and since its launch on March 1, 2016, it has gained so much popularity that it has sold over 100,000 units worldwide in its first year.  It has been selling in Bangladesh since the beginning of 2019 through Mitsubishi’s authorized dealer Rangs and is being priced at Rs 42 lakh.

The car is very nice to look at.  The car is designed in Mitsubishi’s well-known ‘Dynamic Shield’ design language, so that the 3D design headlights go down with 2 to 2 nickel garnishes and there is another set of lights vertically below the top 2 headlights with 2 large chamber indicator lights.  

The body shape curves of those who are in its competition are wave-type but the curves at Eclipse Cross are very low;  The whole body of this car is quite eye-type i.e. Sharp and AG has a design.  

As you go backwards, you can see that the roof is slowly sloping down;  Because Mitsubishi sells the car in Europe and America as a Japanese budget-friendly option for Mercedes-Benz GLA coupe CUV, BMW X-2 coupe CUV and Audi Q3 Sportback, and Mitsubishi markets the car as Sweeper coupe. 

The rear design of the car is very strange: –

The rear windshield is split in two and the taillight is placed on top where it is split so that it lights up at night as you see in the first picture  When braked, the entire light bar from left to right is lit at the back, which is impossibly beautiful to look at as you can see in Figure 5;

The reason for the design, Mitsubishi said, is to make the car aerodynamic by reducing air drag.  Many say the car is a competitor offered by Mitsubishi against Vezel and CHR.  But no, because the Eclipse Cross is a grade one more car than those two.  

The two Japanese competitors of this car are Toyota Corolla Cross and Nissan Kashkai, and I mentioned earlier who are the European competitors. 

This time I am going to the upsides and features of the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross car: –

1) Driving Impressions and Ride Comfort: – The car has a 1500 cc turbocharged engine with output of 152 horsepower and 250 Nm of torque.  Turbo lag is very low because the size of the turbocharger is quite small, and the flower is 250 nm. 

Available at just 2,000 rpm, the car has a hybrid-like ready-made pickup, and takes 9.5 seconds to accelerate from 0-100 km / h, which is equivalent to an 180-horsepower extra-hybrid.  The car has Jatco Invex-3 CVT gearbox, so that in manual mode, the gear ratio can be shifted up and down as per one’s wish with 2 paddle shifters.

Mitsubishi says the car will have a combined mileage of 12.3km / liter due to the Mivek valve timing system and CVT gear.  But in the oil quality of Bangladesh, the car can be taken in Dhaka city at least 10 km / liter mileage, and 15+ km / liter will be available on the highway, because the car is brand new.

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The car has Active Yo control so that even if the car is FWD, you can get grip and traction like a 4WD car by driving the car at high speed and corner

The car also has a McPherson struts on the front and a multi-link suspension system on the rear, and a stabilizer bar connected to 4 springs, which makes it comfortable to ride on broken roads in Bangladesh, and a front strut attached to the front suspension 2  It can be seen, a black iron rod on the back) which makes the body feel very low when the car takes a turn at high speed and the chassis is quite stable. 

The electronic power steering is quite light, due to which a heavy car weighing 1500 kg can be turned at a very low speed without having to force the steering wheel at all, the steering wheel can be turned very easily and the car can be turned.  All in all the car is fun to drive well as a city commuter.

2) Interior: – Basic is a black color interior, which has 5 comfortable leather seats which are stitched with orange thread.  There is enough space inside: – Although it is a coupe-type body shape, there are many headrooms for 6-foot people in the back row; 

The most legroom of C-segment SUVs is the Eclipse Cross, because the rear row seats of the Eclipse Cross are pulled back and forth, which allows the legroom to be extended a lot by pulling back a lot if there aren’t too many things in the backdrop.

  There’s not much in the center console, 2 AC vents below the infotainment display, seatbelt sign and emergency light buttons below it, AC control module below it, and lastly below 1 USB port to charge a phone or tab with system or info  Can be connected.

The front of the car has two power seats with two buttons to position the seat for your comfort, and these two seats have heating options that can be adjusted with the help of less buttons and more hits.

The car has a two-part panoramic sunroof, the front glass of which can be opened and the rear glass cannot be opened, but the solid part of the bottom of the glass can be opened to see the sky.

3) Infotainment system: – The gauge cluster of the car is very basic.  Two analog dials on either side with a tachometer on the left and a speedometer on the right so that the top speed of the car is 240 km / h;  

Place a display in the middle so that when the car starts, it shows a welcome effect in which an Eclipse cross is rotated and fixed at last and the Eclipse cross is written above.  When the welcome effect is over, the lower half always shows which gear the car is in now, and the left of the gear indicator shows the engine temperature and the right shows how much oil is in the tank; 

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And by pressing the button on the steering wheel in the upper half, you can change the screen to see a lot of information such as trip A and B, information on cruise control, real-time fuel economy, how many kilometers you can travel with as much oil as you have, and so on.

Now let’s look at the most unique feature of this car that has made it unique in its competition is its heads-up-display.  There is a button written HUD on the car which when pressed and held, a glass sheet rises above the dashboard to show how fast the car is moving and what safety features are on.

Due to this feature, you can see the speed of the car without taking your eyes off the road.  The center console has a 6 ”size touchscreen display to connect the phone via USB and Bluetooth.  The infotainment system of the car has very minimalistic features, not many modern features.  

The car has a number of buttons on the steering wheel, such as the song volume controller, the song or radio channel change button, the call receiver and deny button, the gauge cluster information, a button to switch the screen, and finally the voice control button. 

If the car understands you, it will follow your orders, such as calling someone in the phonebook of a connected mobile phone and playing the name of any song from the phone’s memory.  The car has nine extremely high-quality speakers from Rockford Fosgate with DTS Neural Surround Sound System and Dolby Volume Tech, resulting in the best sound quality and segment in the budget. 

4) The car has some more good features, such as: – The headlights of the car are LED projection lamps which will last a long time and the lights are also very bright;  

The car has 16 ”rims standard and even full size and seam designed rims up to the spare wheel which makes the spare wheel look bad like all other cars, it does not mean that the car is running on spare rims;  The ground clearance of the car is 7.5 inches so it doesn’t even fit on the floor with a big speedbreaker;  

The turning radius of the car is only 5.3 meters which makes it very easy for the car to take a U-turn;  The car has automatic headlights that will automatically turn on the headlights if sensors detect darkness around; 

The car has an auto brake hold, which will keep the brakes on even if the car is in drive gear if it is turned on when there is a traffic jam, there is no pain in the legs by holding the brakes with difficulty, and the brakes hold off when the normal accelerator is pressed.  The car has hill-start assist which helps to climb the hill.  All in all, the car has good features

5) Safety features of the car are quite good.  There are HD back cameras, and there are also blind spot monitors and rear cross traffic alerts.  

The car has cruise control, which is aimed at increasing or decreasing the speed of the vehicle in front by radar and cameras placed in the middle of the windshield of the vehicle, increasing and decreasing its speed and always maintains the specified distance set by the driver.

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Reduces hard work by half while driving.  There are also pre-collision braking system and auto high-beam.  All in all, the safety options of the car are quite good.

Now come to the downside of the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross car: –

1) The biggest drawback of the car is the lack of interior options.  Although the Rangs sold in the international market is a 2020 model, the car does not have the push start option which is present in all cars nowadays.  

After all, all crossovers on this budget have rear AC vents which are very much needed in the heat of the country, but this car does not have it.  Then, all the dealership offered brand new cars in this budget have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which are not in it. 

After all, the ride comfort of this car is good enough, but the car seats are made of artificial leather, which will not last long.  The last interior flaw, the car’s interior is offered only in black, which is very messy to look at.

2) The flaws that I mentioned about the interior fit and finish of this car, they would have been accepted if we had got the 4WD variant.  But no, what Rangs offers is FWD.  But on the positive side, this car will go on sale in Japan from March 2018, so it will be possible to import reconditioned from Japan in March 2021, i.e. after 6 months, so that you can get the 4WD model running at a lower price like Rs.  Can buy.

3) Although the throttle response and acceleration figure of this car is quite good, the CVT gearbox of the car reduces the aggression a lot, and the electronic power steering gives a very artificial feel.  Even if no one cares about these two flawed averages, those who buy a car to enjoy the driving feel, will not have much fun.

4) Due to a part going through the middle of the rear windshield of the car, it is very difficult to back up by looking at the looking glass and the blind spot remains much longer. 

So that was the in-depth review and Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross price in Bangladesh 2021 .  Please let us know how you like your post in the comment box. 

If you want to see any more comparisons or reviews like this, feel free to ask in the comment box.  So far today, I will appear in front of you again soon with a new post InshaAllah.  And if you like the post, please come to my page Ultra Next Gen with a like. |

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