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From the begging of the book:-

Robert, born and raised in Hawaii, is the fourth descendant of Japanese Americans.  He is a child of eminent teacher family.  After high school, Robert studied in New York and, after graduation, joined the U.S. Marine Corps and moved to Vietnam as an officer and helicopter gunship pilot.

Robert’s business began after his return from the war. In 1986, he set up a company that brought the first nylon and vaco sulfur wallets to market.  , Gentleman’s Quarterly, Success Magazine, Newsweek and even Playboy.

Leaving the commercial world in 1975, he co-founded an international education company that taught business and investment to more than ten thousand graduates in seven countries.

After retiring at the age of 748, Robert enjoyed it the most.  Concerned about the difference between being and not being, he introduced the Baird game Cashflow, which teaches the game of money.

Although Robert’s business is the development of real estate and six cap companies, his true love and passion is teaching.  He has spoken on the same stage with prominent Og Mandina, Jig Jaglaya and Anthony Robins.

The world-famous speaker and author Anthony Robbins says of Robert’s work, Robert Kiesaki’s work in education is powerful, profound and life-changing.

Introduction need

Does school prepare children for the real world?  My parents used to say, “Study, get good grades, you will get a big job.”  The goal of their life was to send me and my older brother to college, so that I would have the best chance of success in life.

When I graduated with honors from Florida State University in 1986 with the highest marks in accounting, my parents reached their goal.  This was the ultimate joy of their lives.  I joined an accounting firm called Big Eight and built a career and retired quickly. 

My husband Michael chose a very easy path.  We are both children of a hardworking family in a decent sense, but in terms of work ethic.

He joined the Washington D.C. Law Firm, so his career and future were bright and he was guaranteed to retire quickly.  Although our careers were successful, things did not turn out as expected, and for various reasons we both had to change positions and there was no pension scheme for us. 

Personal contributions became the capital of the Retirement Fund.  Michael and I have a happy family with three children.  As I write this, my two children are in college and the other is in high school.  We were very careful to ensure that the children get the best education possible.

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One day in 1996, one of my children returned from school very annoyed.  He became very tired and bored with his studies.  He asked, “Why am I wasting my time reading things that won’t work in my life?”

Without thinking, I said, “Because you can’t go to college if you don’t get a good grade.”  He replied, “Even if I don’t go to college, I can be rich.”  In a slightly frightened voice, I said, “If you don’t go to college, you won’t get a good job.  And if you don’t get a job, how can you be rich? ”

My son smiled with complacency and shook his head with mild annoyance.  Such things have happened between us before.  He lowered his head.  He rolled his eyes.  My words proved meaningless again.

Despite being smart and stubborn, my son is dr and elegant.  He began to say, “Mother …” Now it’s my turn to say Shaner.  “Look at the time.  Look around.  Wealthy people did not become rich to study.  Look at Michael Jordan and Madena.

Even Bill Gates, who left Harvard, is the founder of Microsoft.  He is the richest man in America and is only 30 years old.  If you are mentally prepared, you can earn more than 4 million dollars a year.  There was a long silence between us. 

It was also my fault that I was telling my child what my parents told me.  The world around has changed, but the advice has not changed.  Good education and good grades do not guarantee success and no one seems to have noticed it except our children.

He said, “I want to work as hard as my mother, father and mother.  They make a lot of money and we live in a big house with lots of toys.  If I listen to you, I will be like you and I will earn a lot just to pay taxes.

There is no job guarantee now, when it is cut.  I also know that those college graduates earn much less than the Taemas.  See the doctors!  They can’t do what they used to do now.  I know I can’t rely on social security or the company’s pension after retirement.  I want a new answer. ”

– He was right, I want his new answer and so do I.  My parents’ advice may have been right before 1945, but it is deadly for people in a rapidly changing world.  I can’t easily tell my child, “Go to school, get good grades and look for a safe, secure job.”

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I realized that I have to find new ways to teach children.  As a mother and accountant, I knew about the lack of economic education in school.  Many high school kids nowadays have credit cards, although they don’t know how to invest them, leaving out the complex calculation of card interest.

They use the card without knowing any kind of financial knowledge and effectiveness of money.  Without any preparation they face the reality where there is more emphasis on spending than on saving.

When my eldest son became frustrated with his credit card debt, I not only helped him to get rid of the card, but also to find an urgent program to teach children about economics.

One year last year my husband called me from the office.  He said, “There is someone here whom you can meet.  His name is Robert Kiesaki.  He is a businessman and investor.  He is a certified person in the field of educational products.  I think you are looking for him. ” 

What I was looking for

Mike was fascinated by Robert Kiesafi’s new product, Cashflow.  Mr. Robert arranged a test for both of us.  Since giving more than that and advising not to rely on pensions is to be encouraged. 

And it is also true that tax is the biggest expense of man.  Basically, many people work only from January to mid-May for official tracks.  So the new idea is very important and it is in this book. ▪

According to Robert, the rich educate their children differently.  They teach sitting at the dinner table at home.  You may not like to give these ideas to kids, but thank you for looking back. 

And in my opinion always keep looking.  As a mother and CPA, I think the advice to get a good grade and get a good job is now obsolete.  We should give our children some modern advice. ▪

New ideas and different education are needed.  As well as asking to try as an employee, the suggestion of creating your own corporation is also not bad.  As a mother, I hope this book will help other parents. Robert’s hope is to let people know that people can gain wealth if they want to. 

If you are a gardener or a daredevil or unemployed today, you have the ability to educate yourself and you can teach the people of your choice about financial security.  Remember that financial intelligence is the mental process through which you can solve financial problems. 

We are currently facing more globalization and technological change than ever before.  Kara has no magic ball, but one thing is for sure, change lies in reality.  Who can speak of the future? 

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But whatever happens, we have two basic choices.  Being prepared, educated and awakening the financial talents of oneself and one’s children is safe. Play sports or play smartly.  Sharon Letter 

Chapter 1 According to Robert Kiesaki, Rich Father, Poor Father

I had two fathers – one was rich.  The other poor man was highly educated and intelligent.  He did his PhD and completed four years of undergraduate work in less than two years.

He went to study at Stanford University and Northwestern University in Chicago with full scholarship.  And the other father could not finish eighth grade.  Both were successful in their careers.  He has done a lot of work all his life.

Both have made a lot of money.  Yet one has to fight all his life economically.  Another became the richest man in Hawaii. One died leaving ten million dollars for his family and church.  Another died with some bills left.

Both were strong, spiritually strong and influential.  Both of them advised me, but they were not the same.  Both had great faith in education, but their choice of subjects was different.  If I had a father, I would either follow his advice or leave it out. 

But two fathers gave me the opposite advice, one rich, the other poor.  Instead of just accepting or rejecting, I thought a lot, compared and then chose for myself.

The problem was that the rich father was not rich then and the poor father was not poor yet, they both started their professional life and were struggling with money and family.  But their arguments about money were different.

For example, one said, “Money is the root of all evil.”  Another said, “Lack of money is the root of all evil.”  The influence of the two fathers was quite painful for me.  I wanted to be a son, I listened to them, but they didn’t say the same.

These arguments about semantics were so contradictory that I became curious.  For a long time I started thinking about their statements.  In private, I would ask myself, “Why did he say that?”  I was thinking the same question about another father.  Rather think so    

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