Car price in Bangladesh with review

Toyota Century price in Bangladesh and in-depth review

Toyota Century price in Bangladesh   

Base price: – 1.6 crore

Price in Bangladesh: – 10.2 crore (including 528% import duty)

Toyota Century : Basic Specifications

Maximum power258 – 381ps
Fuel Consumption7 – 13km/L
Drive TypeFR
Engine Capacity4,968 – 4,996cc
Number of Seats5

Toyota Century in-depth review

The Japanese competitor of Rolls-Royce, whose price is half that of Rolls-Royce Ghost but almost equal in luxury.  The Emperor of Japan himself is a user of this car.  Toyota builds the car in such a way that the owner of the car does not get stuck in the car while reading the newspaper.

This car is produced by a few of Toyota’s most experienced workers in a specialized factory built for this car.  Toyota has ensured practical luxury in everything in the car. Where Rolls-Royce or Bentley used leather seats in their luxury sedans, Toyota used wool from healthy and young sheep. 

The argument for using wool is that when people move on a leather seat, it makes a soft sound when rubbed, but wool doesn’t.  Since one of the great features of ultra-luxury cars is the soundlessness, they have used wool so that they don’t have that soft sound.  

However, if the customer wants, he can also order a leather seat by ordering and needless to say, that leather is also of top quality.  Everything else in the car has been muted, part of which is to give the car a hybrid drivetrain.  Tune the air suspension in such a way that not a single drop can be felt.  

The paint that is given to the car is the best car paint in the world, no other car in the world is given paint equal to Century, not even Rolls-Royce.  The paint is made of 6 materials, applied in countless layers, and the final glaze that is polished at the end is done in such a way that the car owner can fix the tie by looking at his own reflection on the body of the car while going to his business meeting.

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The seat on the left side of the back row is basically for the owner of the car, because if there is no passenger in the front left seat, the seat can be made into a footrest with the push of a button on which the owner of the car can sit comfortably by stretching his legs.  

Needless to say, there are enough seat vents and AC vents to maintain the desired temperature in the car.  The 20-speaker sound system in the car is made by Toyota in such a way that even a music specialist cannot catch any flaws. The car has a 5,000 cc V-7 engine and an electric motor with a combined output of 425 horsepower.  

Although it is a luxury sedan, the output of the car is good.  While the Rolls-Royce doesn’t have 605 horsepower, the Rolls-Royce has a 650cc twin-turbo V-12 engine, and that’s not really used.  Accordingly, the power figure of the century is quite a perfect amount.  Not to mention that the Century engine is much more reliable than any Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW 6-Series or Audi A7.  Because?  

This is a Toyota!  Want to know why its engine is the most durable? This was the Toyota Century price in Bangladesh and in-depth review  .  How do you like it, please let us know in the comments section.  If you like it, please like the Ultra Next Gen page. 

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