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Toyota Harrier price in Bangladesh with in-depth review (2021)

Today we will talk about Toyota Harrier price in Bangladesh with in-depth review and full specifications.

Toyota Harrier : Basic Specifications

length 4.575 – 4.77m
height 1.655 – 1.69m
width 1.845 – 1.845m
Maximum power140 – 280ps
Fuel ConsumptionNo Data
Drive TypeAWD/FF
Engine Capacity1,986 – 3,456cc
Number of Seats5

Toyota Harrier : Prices

Model / YearPrice OF THIS CAR IN US DOLLAR Price of a new car in bangladesh Engine Capacity
Toyota HarrierUS$1,738 – US$820,000N/A1,986 – 3,456cc
Toyota Harrier 1998US$1,738 – US$2,242N//A2,163 – 2,994cc
Toyota Harrier 1999US$2,050 – US$6,523N/A2,163 – 2,994cc
Toyota Harrier 2000US$2,418 – US$2,418N/A2,163 – 2,994cc

Toyota Harrier in-depth review

The most beautiful of the Japanese cars in the crossover SUV segment is the Toyota Harrier.  Nowhere else in the world except Japan has this 3rd generation Harrier officially been sold by Toyota, a JDM Special.  Toyota sold this 3rd generation Harrier from 2014 to 2020, then replaced it with the 4th generation in the middle of 2020 (which we reviewed earlier).  This model of the car can be imported from Japan till 2025 in our country.  Almost all of you know how much market this car has got in our country.  Today you will see an in-depth review of this car.

 The car’s slim-designed headlights and taillights are beautiful to look at.  In the previous design of Facelift, there were 3 DRLs on the top of the headlights, after the facelift in 2016, those DRLs have been replaced with 1 DRL below.  The taillights used to have clear housing before the facelift, which has been painted red after the facelift.  The lower trim has 16 ”size rims, and the highest 2 trims have 16” rims.  The highest 2 trim level sunroof was offered as an option.  I would advise anyone who buys a car to buy a Modelista kit or a unit with a G’s kit, as the Harrier looks a bit odd without a bodykit because of the black matte plastic bodykit around the bottom of the body, which is not the case with Modelista or GS kit cars.  Looks beautiful to say the least.

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 The engine options of the car are 3: – (1) Naturally aspirated 2000 cc engine (in simple language: – Non-turbo] engine with 155 HP, (2) 2000 cc turbocharged engine with 228 HP, (3) 2500 cc hybrid engine with combined power.  194 HP.  In our country usually (1) no.  And (3) no.  Engine cars are imported.  The 2000cc non-turbo model has the same engine as the Noah non-hybrid, which means that the power is not enough, but the performance of the Harrier Turbo and Harrier Hybrid is very good.  One downside to driving dynamics is to mention.  That is, the suspension is a little softer due to Harry’s focus on comfort, which is great for daily life but with a lot of bodyroll.  The Harrier’s fuel economy is quite good, the non-hybrid model has about 8 km / liter in Dhaka city and the hybrid model has about 12 km / liter in Dhaka city which is a good mileage for a crossover of this size.  If one wants to buy a Harrier at a lower price, he has to take the hybrid model, which has to pay AIT (annual tax) of Rs 75,000.  But yes, there will not be much difference in cost between hybrid and non-hybrid at the end of the year in terms of the way fuel will be saved due to being a hybrid.  So I would say take the hybrid, because the hand had enough power, meanwhile the cost is almost the same as the non-hybrid.

 The main attraction of the Harrier is its luxurious interior right after its eye-catching looks.  There is no more luxurious + comfortable car than the Harrier in this segment from Japan, not even the Toyota RV-4 in the same price range.  All trims have genuine leather seats and the highest trim (Advanced Premium and Progress) is wrapped in leather from the inner panel of the door to the first half of the dashboard.  There is not enough space for tall and fat people to sit in the harrier because there is enough space.  With a long journey due to seat material and soft suspension, it does not feel a little uncomfortable.  The car has dual-zone climate control, and needless to say, there are AC vents in the back row.  Like many other Toyota cars, it has nano-e technology that removes allergens from the inside of the car.  One of the great things about Harrier’s AC controls is that they all have to be done by touch, much like the 2020 Audi cars (although Audi has a screen that is more modern).  In the infotainment system we see a touchscreen configured in Japanese so that the phone can be connected via USB and Bluetooth and the CD can be played.  Advanced Premium and Progress Trim has JBL ‘Green-Edge’ sound system with excellent sound quality.  The color of the on-board computer screen in the gauge cluster changes one by one for each of the three driving modes in the car.  In Echo mode the screen color of the gauge cluster becomes green, in normal mode blue, and in power mode (sports mode) red.

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 The car has a Toyota safety sense, which includes: – Pre-collision braking system, lane-keep assist, adaptive cruise control and auto high-beam.  In addition, 360 ° camera with advanced premium and progress trim is offered to facilitate parking.

 If we look at the downsides, the first thing to say is the practicality of the price.  The price of the car is a bit higher in this segment, the non-hybrid brand new price for the 2019 model is Rs 60 lakh and the brand new price for the hybrid is Rs 60 lakh.  Although those who buy this car prefer luxury over practicality, it has to be said that the car is not practical because all the non-hybrid models of cars in this segment have 6 seats where Harrier does not have it.  Speaking of looks, then, with the exception of aftermarket bodykits (such as the Modelista), all of Harrier’s trims have matte black plastic bodykits, which plays a bit of a look.  When it comes to off-road performance, I can’t comment specifically because I haven’t found any off-road video of this 3rd generation Harrier in many searches across YouTube, but what I think is -> Harrier is off-  No one takes it because the road is not capable, so there is no video on YouTube.  In addition, the ground clearance of the harrier is also low.

 So that was the Toyota Harrier price in Bangladesh with in-depth review.  You must let us know how you feel in the comment box.  So far today, I will appear before you again very soon with a new post-InshaAllah.  Until then, stay well, stay healthy, stay tuned with a like on our page ultra next gen.  See you again, Allah Hafez. 

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