Car price in Bangladesh with review

Toyota Hilux double cabin price in Bangladesh and in-depth review

Today we will talk about Toyota Hilux double cabin price in Bangladesh and full specifications and in-depth review.

Toyota Hilux Double Cabin Price Range In Bangladesh
Price Range :updated on : december, 2020Tk. 57 – 60 Lakh


Engine & Transmission :
Engine4 Cylinder In-Line/2393 cc
Fuel Type/EnergyDiesel
Max Power(Horsepower)110 hp @ 3400 rpm
Torque400 @ 1600 – 2000 rpm
Transmission Type(Gear)6-speed(Manual)
Performance & Fuel Economy :
Mileage10 kmpl
Top Speed115 mph
Brakes :
Front BrakeDiscs
Rear BrakeDrum
Interior :
Seating Capacity5 Persons (Including Driver)
No. of Seating Rows2
Fuel Capacity55 Litres
Exterior :
Overall Length(Feet+Inch)17′ 5.84″
Overall Width(Feet+Inch)5′ 10.86″
Overall Height(Feet+Inch)5′ 11.45″
Ground Clearance(Feet+Inch)1′ 0.20″
Load bay dimensions(Double Cab) :
Deck length(Feet+Inch)5′ 0.39″
Deck load width(Feet+Inch)5′ 0.62″
Deck height(Feet+Inch)1′ 6.89″
Ground Clearance(Feet+Inch)1′ 0.20″
Body typeMUV

Toyota Hilux double cabin in-depth review

 You’ve been wanting to see reviews of double-cabin pickups for a long time.  At the rate at which the Bangladesh government has increased the amount of AIT from this year, it has become difficult for many to pay Rs 50,000 a year to feed a 1501-2000 cc SUV.  But if you use a ‘Caribbean’ canopy mounted pickup, it looks a lot like an SUV, and the biggest advantage is that no matter how CCE the pickup is, at the end of the year AIT costs only Rs 3,000.  !  Isn’t that great?  Besides, the pickup is diesel-powered, and the price of diesel is Rs 75 per liter while octane is Rs 69.  All in all, it is very cost-effective, and there is practicality on it!  So starting today is a series review of our double-cabin pickup !!

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 There are two ways to buy a new Hilux in our country.  One is Brand New from Toyota’s official dealer in Bangladesh Navana, the other is Reconditioned from Japan.  Where to buy, made in Thailand.  Yes, Japan also imports and sells from Thailand.

 First of all, let me tell you the price.  Manual gear brand New Hilux from Navana is priced at Rs 56 lakh, and those who need auto-gear at this price can buy a 40,000 km reconditioned unit of 2018 model from Japan.  But if you want to buy brand new auto gear Hilux from Navana, they cost 75-80 lakh rupees.  The Hilux Revo is priced at Rs 75 lakh, and the Hilux Revo Rocco is priced at Rs 60 lakh.  And yes, all prices here are 4WD models.

 The Hilux car is quite beautiful to look at.  The Revo Roco trim looks a lot stronger and ragged, as it is decorated with black plastic garnish all over the body, and wider than other trims due to the fender flair.  After the facelift in 2020, the higher trim has been given bi-beam LED headlights and LED taillights.  The interior is quite ergonomic, with passengers less than 6 feet tall sitting comfortably in the back.  But the problem is, if you buy a manual Hilux from Navana or a reconditioned Auto Hilux from Japan for Rs 6 million, you won’t find many features inside that you deserve at such a low price, such as: – Leather seats and no AC vents in the back row.  To get these, you have to buy an Auto Hilux from Navana at a cost of Rs 75 lakh, but on Nissan Navara you can get all these for Rs 57 lakh.

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 The 6 million Hilux has a 2400 cc 4-cylinder turbo-diesel engine with 146 horsepower.  Manual gear produces 343 Nm of torque, and auto gear produces 400 Nm.  It is always good to have more torque, so our suggestion is to buy Auto Hilux from Japan with a budget of 6 million.  But this engine is not very common in our country, so it will be a hassle to find the parts except the service center of Navana.

 The Hilaux, priced at Rs 65-70 lakh, has a 2600 cc 4-cylinder turbo-diesel engine with 201 horsepower and 500 Nm of torque.  This is the same engine that runs on diesel-powered Prado and Hayes Micro, so parts will be very readily available.  With that, the energy is much, much more.  The Rs 95 lakh Ford Ranger Raptor has only 9 horsepower more than this Hilux, and the same torque.  So in my opinion, if you buy a Hilux Revo Roco for Rs 60 lakh instead of buying a Ranger Raptor for Rs 95 lakh, you can get 220 horsepower and 550 Nm of torque if you tune the engine lightly, along with Toyota Reliability and Parts Availability.

 There is only one more capable mid-sized pickup in the world than the Hilux, and that is the Ford Ranger.  Torque is most needed for off-roading, and that’s enough for this car.  To use this torque properly, there is an automatic limited slip differential, which operates in 3 modes: – H2 (RWD);  H4 (high-range 4WD);  And L4 (low-range 4WD for extreme off-road).  If L4 mode is not an advantage, then there is a Rear Differential Lock, which when turned on will keep the rear two wheels spinning at the same speed to manage the grip anyway. 

The car has a double-wishbone coil suspension in the front, and leaf springs in the rear that are used in large freight trucks.  The car is fairly comfortable on-road, although on-road Navara is more comfortable.  This is because the Navarra has a double wishbone on the front like the Hilux, but has a multi-link coil suspension on the back, which is comfortable in a car like the Harrier.  But the leaf suspension is more effective in keeping the car stable on off-road, which makes it more convenient to control the Hilux than off-road Navarra.  The ground clearance of the Hilux is the second highest in this segment (the highest of the Ford Ranger). 

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The Turning Circle equals the Toyota Hilux, Nissan Navara and Mitsubishi L200 and is the best in the segment.  Hilux’s wedding depth is 800 mm, which means the car has a maximum of 600 mm.  Will be able to navigate through deep water, which is the 2nd highest in the segment (maximum wedding depth of Ford Ranger and Isuzu D-Max -> 600 mm.

 In the last part of the post I will say our opinion about this car.  If you want to take a pickup for your business use, then Hilux will be the best choice.  And if you have an off-roading hobby, the Ford Ranger is the best choice.  But if you want to buy a pickup to use most of the time in the city and on the highway, then our suggestion is to buy a Nissan Navara LE for Rs.  Because, Navara is the most beautiful to look at, it also consumes less oil and the suspension is comfortable for general use.  But before buying in any district other than Dhaka and Chittagong, you must find out from your nearest parts store whether they have Navara parts.

So that was Toyota Hilux double cabin price in Bangladesh and in-depth review . So far today, we will be back in front of you very soon with a new post InshaAllah.  Until then, stay well, stay healthy, stay with a like on ultra next gen .  See you again, Allah Hafez.

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